Friday, 28 September 2012

Incident that I would never forget =(

                  Recently, I have handled an event from college. We were divided followed by the task that we need to do. I get involve in disciplinary task that need to handle the appearance, attitude and discipline student.  At first the event was flowed smoothly, but then I look many student were decided to left the event which just freshly started. The VIP is not started to speech, but student start to left the event.

                  Then, I and my other friend as a disciplinary bureau take move to handle this situation. We block the entrance to stop the rest student from leaving the event. At that time, I just realised, in this world there were many behaviour that I did not meet and see by myself. They were very stubborn and not listening to others. They were followed by their instinct and find many excuses just to leave the program.

                  We has stop them using all energy that we have, until one time, there were not enough power in ourselves to stop them because they were too many people and at that time I decide to stand silence because I know, if I stop them, it just waste my time.

                  There were many feeling inside my heart such sadness, eagerness, madness, angry and annoyed. I back my anger until I feel pain in my heart and feel like want to cry. The student’s places is start to empty. The student which see many student left, were start to follow. When we stop them, they start to questioned us, “Why they can go back, why did not us?.”

                   Back then, I start to believe with what my brother saying, I did not entered the job’s world yet, when the times come, there were many behaviour that I did not see and through over there. I just feel this is starting and when I go outside, of course there were a lot. This incident becomes my new experience and I can never forget for the rest of my life. Thank you.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Eid Mubarak ~ :: 2012 ::


                    Hello everyone. For today topic, I want to share with you about my celebration of Eid for this year. Like the past Eid’s celebration, the most things that I like when Eid comes are to hear the takbir early in the morning. In the first Raya, usually my family will visit graveyard of our grandmother’s mother, my late sister and my niece from my second sister. After visit graveyard usually at 9am we will gathered with my father’s family at our grandmother house. The main dish for the first raya at our grandma house is laksa. It is not completed for the first raya not to eat laksa from my grandma’s open house. The open house is not only for our cousin or niece, but we also invite non-muslim friends from the office to celebrate together. 

                 Unlike the other year, this year is given a big different for our family. This year my family lost our grandmother that raises us since we are baby until now.  She stayed with us. She actually our real grandfather’s sister, but she is the one that rose up my mother because our grandfather was stayed at Johor Baharu. My family already makes her as our real grandmother. For this year, the first thing that my family do is going to our grandmother’s grave then followed to the other grave. Then, repeat doing the same thing like past year, without our         

                   For the second day, my mother decided not to celebrate raya with us as we just lost our grandmother, so it still new to leave an empty house. We insist not to celebrate too, but my mother said it’s not proper for us not to visit to other family house. It still new for us not celebrated this raya with our grandmother and the same feeling happened for the other family. They still asked “where is your grandmother?”, and after realized it, they feel very sad. 

                     My mother still with her intention not to celebrated this raya and I know my mother still feel sad about our grandmother. This raya is little sorrow. For me, I think as I growth bigger, feeling of raya is not the same as before like childhood. Maybe as a teenager, cousin and nephew with the same average age is preferred to take their own life. And reward for raya is become little, so feeling of saving not as much as children day. Maybe that is the main point why celebration of raya became dull year by year. =P

Thank you and good bye !

Friday, 14 September 2012

My favourite bloggers & YouTubers XD

    Nowadays many people preferred to expose or shared their hobbies or talent through YouTube and blog. For myself, I like to read others blog and watch my favorite YouTube channel (youtubers). I want to know what, where and how she/he doing through her/his life. So when I have a free time, I will up to date with their latest post. Can you take a time to read about my favorite blogger and YouTubers.

     The first blog that I like to read the most is Maria Elena’s blog. She is from Malaysia. Currently, she have launched her first inspired handbag which she is the one that designed by herself. In the blog, she has many ideas to share to her/his followers. She is very funny and sometimes she loved to do an annoyed face. But she is she. Sometimes, she has uploads many tutorial video for the girls to wear a trend hijab/shawl. And she not forgets to share about Islam, the beautiful of Islam and others. Here is the link, if you want to know more about her. =)

      Next is Aiman Azlan. His blog is a little unique because he likes to share something beneficial to others. Most likely his post is about continued novel, dialog stories and about his life. There were many fans wish to read his continued novel through his blog.

      Besides that, I like Hanis Zalikha’s blog. I just got to know about her blog recently. She likes to share everything that she did in blog. She is model and new actress. I just know about her blog from my friend. And no doubt, it is quite interesting. She is an actress, so, there were many fans follow her and curious to know about her life. Her follower now is reached to 39k.

      For someone that likes to share their talent in YouTube, I currently updated with Ryan Higa or known as Nigahiga. He is start from YouTube and then popular as a singer. He love to do parody for many movie for example, Movies in Minute: Titanic, Movies in Minutes: Harry Potter and many others. He also created music remixed such as shed a tear and nice guys. These 2 songs are the best songs that I heard from him.          

enjoy ! =)

      Next is Kevjumba. He is popular on YouTube with his video about the advice or the world phenomenon. He also has share idea with Nigahiga to make video and created music remixed such as shed a tear and nice guys. His real name is Kevin Wu and mixed Taiwanese American. He is very funny through his video and at the same time gave a big effect towards fans.

There were many others youtubers that I like from Malaysian such as; Mat Luthfi, Anwar Hadi, Aiman Azlan and like I said, Maria Elena. :D

Different person have their own perception. For me I like those. What about you?

:: The real me ::

Hi everyone, today I want to share with you all about “10 facts about me” which means the real me.

1.    I am very talkative. I like to talk a lot with the one that I know and comfortable with. I like to share the experience with my friends because with them only I can share my true feeling of happiness and sadness. There were many of my friend thought that I am very quiet person before knowing the truth me.  But the real is I am very talkative. However, I still can keep a secret.

2.    I am left-handed. In my family, my sister and I are gifted as a left-handed. The interesting scientific left-handed facts is, use the right side of the brain the most. This is already become awareness for other people. People that using right side of the brain is very creative thinking and have the high imagination. The left-handed is good in 3D perception and thinking.

3.    I am very stubborn. It’s quiet hard for me to listen towards others. It doesn’t mean that I am rude, it just I know what better for myself. But when I know it is not relevant I will try slowly to follow other’s decision.

4.    Having a weak memory is also one fact about me. It’s hard for me to remember name or something. I only remember the one that near or important. When it comes for the subject that need to remember, I have to study 2 or 3 days before the real examination to make sure that I didn’t forget anything that I already learnt.

5.    I am skinny person. No matter how much I ate won’t make my weight to increase. It actually inherited in family. But when we already married, it easy for us to increased and decreased the weight. But I love to eat. So it is not the barriers for me to eat anything that I like.

6.    The fact that I think very dangerous is it is hard for me to hear the alarm. Even though the alarm is near to my ear, it doesn’t make any different. I will not wake up until somebody has to wake me up. The effect is, I always late to the class that start whether at 8am or 2pm.

7.    The next fact is I love to laugh with full satisfaction. It means that whenever I think the story is very funny, I will start to laugh and let it out. Automatically it will let my body relax and release tension. But if there is too much laugh will make our memories weak. 

8.    I love to draw. Especially sketching people, plan, scenery or cartoon. But I will be depends on the picture and cannot spontaneously draw. When I get bored, I will start to draw. But since I entered UiTM, I’m not drawing anymore. There is not much time to drawing or sketching.

9.    I have problem with the pronunciation of ‘R’.  My tongue is a little short to pronounce words which consist of consonant ‘R’. It makes me a little down to speak or present in front of others because of my problem.

10.    Sometimes we faced a big trouble. And at that time, we will choose to stay silence than speak something that will hurt someone else. So am I. My silence is mean for something. It not just I want to keep shut for nothing, there is something else that playing in my mind that cannot be share to others.

    We know ourselves. Don’t have to hear about yourself from other people because we, ourselves know what is better for us. We have to find the weakness and strongest part in ourselves.
Thank you.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Best memories of Ramadhan

Hello ! Happy Ramadhan Al-Mubarak to everyone. :D Hope for this Ramadhan, all of you got barakah from Allah. Everybody have their own experienced about childhood Ramadhan.

           For me when I was 7 years old, I started to learn about fasting. I still got pocket money from my father because if I cannot proceed my fasting, I can eat. But my father still believed that I can continue my fasting. At that time, my parents give looseness for me to fast for a half day because they know I just started to learn fasting. But I cannot get any reward for EidulFitri. If I success to full fasting in Ramadhan, then I got reward.

reward from my parents XD

          When the time to buy food for the breaking at  “pasar Ramadhan”, I will be the most excited because I can choose my own food, and at that time, there will be many variety of the food until I do not know which one should I choose. I still remembered, I bought many foods and the time for breaking fast, I cannot finish all my food because it too many. And I got angry with my mother because I was too greedy. 

Pasar Ramadhan
            But when I started to entered 9 years old, my parents strictly force me to fasting in Ramadhan. On that time, if one of my siblings not fasting, we will get punishment from my father. The punishment is the one who is not fasting is not allowed to eat together during breaking fast, so they have to eat alone at the front or just see us eating. So, I will try to fast and try to hide the secret if I have eaten or drink surreptitiously during the month of Ramadan. But it fun to see the rest of my sibling got punishment from my father.

Pineapple tart
            I have an experienced try to eat surreptitiously. During weekend three week before Eid, I will help my neighbour to make pineapple tarts.  Everybody likes her tart. Eidul Fitri and Chinese New Year was the busiest time for her to fulfill order from her customer. There was a time I help her during Ramadhan and I taste a little of the dough. When I start thinking about it, I wasted my fasting just for the dough that cannot make me full.

             Then when I was 12 years old, I started to learn fasting with the right intention. It not just to refrain from hunger and thirst, but also avoid to seeing, saying or doing something not appropriate and prohibited that can break fast. We also can learn how people in the poor country suffering from cannot eat and drink because of the poverty. When I recall about my childhood of Ramadhan, it is very wasted to let the only chances of getting reward for hereafter go away like that and I feel like want to back in a childhood day and fixed everything. But if I did, I will lose my good memories and I take this as a moral value for my future. 

             When we talk about Ramadhan, everybody is excited to go to “pasar Ramadhan” to buy food or preparing for Eidul Fitri. Shopping mall have offered until 70% discount for dress, baju kurung, shoes and others. Chinese and Indian not let this chance go away like that, because “pasar Ramadhan” is just operating during Ramadhan and so they will sell different variety of food and drink. The example of food that just sells during Ramadhan is bubur lambok. At this time, we can see our country is unique because it has many different ethnicity and we all united. 

Indian, Chinese & Malay

That's all about my childhood Ramadhan. What about you ? 

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Crazy classmates. !

Hi. !

For this entry, I want to share with you about my classmate for this semester. My class is JBM1123U. U is actually for repeater’s class and our class is actually E but, E class was dismissed so, we join in a U class. We are in total of 18 students which 7 of them are girls and the rest are boys. My classmate are very noisy especially boys. Let me introduce each of them. There are 7 girls in my class. They are Farr, Lela, Liana, Ifa, Mira, Aziah and me.

First, let me introduce you to my friends since part 1, which is Liyana, Lela, Ifa and Farr.
Nurliana bt Zulkeflee is my lovely friend which born on 26th January 1993. She is oldest sister in her siblings, and through her reaction is showing her responsibility and lovely sister. She is very particular in everything she did. 

        Next, is Farr. Her full name is Nur Farah Hani bt Khalil. She was born on March 26th 1993. She is also the eldest sister among her siblings. She is very brightening in everything she did. Almost all boys in our class are afraid with her character, which “a little bit” fierce. But she is very warm-hearted. Confident is the character that I like about Farr.

Nur Fatin Afifah bt Mohd Anuar or Ifa was born on August 30th 1993. She has a dimple at both of her cheek which made her smile sweet. She is very caring and kind. Ifa is very soft-hearted, which make her easily touched when seeing other people cry, or hear sad story. She is very clever and has a strong memory. 
        Next, Lela or her full name is Norlela bt Misri. Lela was born on October 29th 1993. She is very pro in mathematics. Everything in math, just give to Lela. Her soul is mathematics. She also very up to date with the current make-up brand, and become the first 100th customer, try the new make-up brand. So, they are my friend start I study at here.

Besides that, Nor Amira bt Hassan, or Mira was born on March 5th 1993. She is very crazy girl. We start to know each other since part 2. We are in the same class till now. She is funny and cheerful person. When Mira, I and my friend meet each other, we can laugh non-stop like crazily. It’s very fun to meet together and gossipping about something or someone. 

         And lastly, is Sharifah Nur Aziah bt Syed Azli or known as Aziah. She was born on March 3rd 1993. She is very friendly person. A lot of people say that her face is same like Lisa Surihani. I started to know more about her since part 2. We are in the same class. She is very cheerful and easy-going person.

::Boys:: Like what I say just now, in my class, we have 11 crazy boys. Hafizul Akmal is one of the boys that I know since part 1. We are in the same class. He is very easy-going person. He has a big aim and I can see he struggle to achieve his dream. 

         Next is Baihaqi Kamal. He is the leader of noisy in the class. His face is similar like Que Haidar. He is very cheerful person.  

            Kamil is also in the same class as me since part 1. He has a big hair and mixed Chinese. He best friend with Baihaqi. Kamil and his friend always came late half an hour to every class. Imran is also one of their friends. Imran is very quiet person unlike his other friends.

  Faris he is also the leader of noisy boy in the class. Everything related to him are very loud, his voice, laugh, sneeze, cough and others. 

            His best friends which always go everywhere with him is Firdaus Shamel. He is very friendly person. 

           Next is Farhan or Pa’an. We can see his independent and responsible character through himself. He can take responsibility with very efficient. Now we can see he’s busy with many program because he now took a responsibility to become a “College Representative Committee”. 

            Same like Haziq. He became a president of Cruise club and in the same time as a “College Representative Committee”. He held his responsibility with very responsible.

Ashraf is also a noisy boy among the noisiest. But he’s very pro in calculation subject.  

           Qushairee or Kucai is lonely now because his best friend is moved to the other class. He is very friendly boy. 

              Akmal, smart boy which have many colourful shoes.

There are many variation of personality and could be a long story if I have to tell a detailed about them because they have their own and unique personality. It is enough for now. See you in the next entry. Thank you. :)

Saturday, 14 July 2012

:: Subject for this semester ::

Hello readers. !

       For today entry, I want to share with you about my subject for this semester. As you know, I still study at UiTM Segamat in diploma in banking. Now I’m already in part 3. For previous semester I only take 6 subject including curriculum. But for this semester I have to take 7 subject including curriculum. The subjects are BAB101, BEL311, CTU241, ECO211, FIN242, HKR221 and QMT181. Thanks to Allah, for previous semester I did not have to repeat any paper. If not, there will be the most challenging semester that I have to face.

• BEL311
English for Academic Purposes is the meaning for this subject. This subject is the compulsory subject from part 1 till part 3. For part 1, it is BEL120 and BEL240 in part 2. This subject is preparations for students in Malaysian University English Test (MUET). MUET is to measure the proficiency of English language among students who interested to further their study in first level of degree in IPTA. For this semester, there is a change in this subject compare to previous 2 semesters. For BEL311, there is no listening test. It’s only speaking test and term paper. 30% contribute for term paper. So, I have to concentrate more on writing because it’s contributes many marks. The credit hour for this subject is 6 hours and it takes 3 classes every week. My lecturer for this subject is Mr. Izuan Ismail.

• BAB101
            In this semester, all students in part 3 have to take one additional subject whether Arabic language or mandarin language. These subject is not includes in final examination. Those 2 subjects are additional subject which give opportunity for students to learn new language beside Malay and English. For me, I choose Arabic language. The credit hour for Arabic language is 4 hours a week. It’s very fun to learn new language. Our lecturer for this subject is Ustaz Rozman and known as Ustaz Rock as his style is very rock and cool. He rides a high powered motorcycle. That’s why he popular among boys as “Ustaz Rock”. For the assessment, there will be 2 online quizzes and manual quizzes in total of 20%. There will be reading, spelling, listening and speaking test which carries mark for 50%. And the balance of 30%is for group project, which is every student has to make one video and use Arab language as a main language.

• CTU241
The meaning for this subject is Fundamental of Islamic Economics. It is an Islamic subject. Every student has to take this subject for an early 3 semesters. For the first semester, it is CTU101, Fundamental of Islam. It related with the basic principles of Islam. For second semester, CTU151 is Islamic Thought and Civilization. Learn about the civilization of Islam and western and the theory of arrival Islam at Alam Melayu. This is the last semester for taking this subjects, CTU241 is about basic economic in Islam. It’s more though than I thought. But I try my best to get A’s for this subject because this is the only subject that I have to scored as for this semester, all subject is though. The credit hours for this subject is 2 hours so, it only takes one class in a week. Ustaz Nazrudin is our lecturer. The way he teaches is very relaxed and not burden at all.

• ECO211
For ECO211, it is Macroeconomics, study about economy as a whole. For the previous semester, I already take Microeconomics, ECO162 which study about how people use their limited resources to fulfill unlimited wants. It’s more on reading graph and study on increasing and decreasing economy in Malaysia. But for this semester, it’s including economy in the whole world. The credit hour for this subject is 4 hours. It means 2 classes every week. It’s very though subject. Madam Diana is very calm when teaching us. She gave us tutorial at class and finished it on the spot so, if there is someone did not understand can directly go to her to ask question.

• FIN242
Fundamental of Finance is concerned about matters related to money and the markets. For this semester, FIN242 is the subject that received a lot of homework such as tutorial and past year questions that have to be done. But it really helps us to understand more by doing past year question. Our lecturer is Madam Saliza. For the assessment in this subject, 10% depend on the quizzes and attendance, 30% is on the test, assignment is 10% and the balance 50% is in the final exam.

• QMT181
QMT181 is the new subject for this semester beside BAB101 and FIN242. It means Introduction to Statistics. It related with statistic and certain subtopic in this subject had learned in form 5 in additional mathematics and modern mathematics. But in this subject we explore deeper than in form 5. We need to use many graph paper, protector and compasses and this make me recall to the old school. =) Miss Nurdia is our lecturer and she is very patient to treat our naughty behavior. The credit hour for this subject is 4 hours which have 2 classes in a week.

• HKR221
HKR221 is represents for Management of Family Institution II. This is my second time joining this club. Actually I want to take part in this club only for 1 semester and decided to take part in different club for next semester but starting last semester, new circular had been announced that every students have to fixed in one club so, I had no choice, beside continue with the same club for this semester. But it is an interesting club because it teaches us about marriage in Islam. As a university student, we are mature enough to think about marriage. For this semester, Ustaz Syazali is responsible to handle this club. He is very funny and spontaneous in everything he said, so it will attract students more concentrate in what he want to say. He always shared his experience and make as moral value for us. Credit hour for HKR221 is 2 hours and one class in a week.

Those are the subject that I have to face for this semester. Hope this semester will be better than previous semester in everything. Thank you. =)