Friday, 28 September 2012

Incident that I would never forget =(

                  Recently, I have handled an event from college. We were divided followed by the task that we need to do. I get involve in disciplinary task that need to handle the appearance, attitude and discipline student.  At first the event was flowed smoothly, but then I look many student were decided to left the event which just freshly started. The VIP is not started to speech, but student start to left the event.

                  Then, I and my other friend as a disciplinary bureau take move to handle this situation. We block the entrance to stop the rest student from leaving the event. At that time, I just realised, in this world there were many behaviour that I did not meet and see by myself. They were very stubborn and not listening to others. They were followed by their instinct and find many excuses just to leave the program.

                  We has stop them using all energy that we have, until one time, there were not enough power in ourselves to stop them because they were too many people and at that time I decide to stand silence because I know, if I stop them, it just waste my time.

                  There were many feeling inside my heart such sadness, eagerness, madness, angry and annoyed. I back my anger until I feel pain in my heart and feel like want to cry. The student’s places is start to empty. The student which see many student left, were start to follow. When we stop them, they start to questioned us, “Why they can go back, why did not us?.”

                   Back then, I start to believe with what my brother saying, I did not entered the job’s world yet, when the times come, there were many behaviour that I did not see and through over there. I just feel this is starting and when I go outside, of course there were a lot. This incident becomes my new experience and I can never forget for the rest of my life. Thank you.

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